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Monday, April 12

Snot nosed bastards and real mother effers!

I honestly don't believe that there was any connection between the reading and the movie. I think the one thing that Mike and the wealthy kids can agree on is, work is something that no one really wants to do and if you don't have to work than don't.
Working class is about being a robot to Mike. Working and not feeling anything. Blacking out when you're at work because it doesn't stimulate the mind is a sad thing and that seems to be whats going on with him. Working extremely hard every day but getting pennies. Being aggravated and annoyed all the time. Being away from your family so much that you feel as though you don't even know them. That's what working class is to Mike. Atleast that's what it seems to be.
Being rich is about enjoying the endless possibilities that come along with endless wealth. But it seems like some people are so use to it that it becomes boring and they want to rebel by doing drugs or obtaining an occupation that is so called "beneath" them and what the family wants them to do. Being rich almost seems to be more difficult than being poor. I mean you can't even date out side of your social group. Isn't that kind of nasty? I mean, the wealthy makes up a very small percentage of the population. Wouldn't they find themselves dating someone who has dated their friends or worst, their enemies.
Social class maybe more important to the rich and famous than to working class folks. Working class people may aspire to be higher up on the totem pole but I've never really came across anyone who wouldn't date someone who had less than them. Of course you wouldn't date a homeless guy but you get what I'm saying. Where as rich snot nosed people find it impossible to date someone who doesn't have what they have. I mean this movie and the reading clearly shows that social class has a huge gap in between them.

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  1. Great post! I agree that the very rich we see in the film have a much more isolated experience than others. The question Krguman's essay raises is, how does this isolation they have affect the rest of us - what decisions does it lead them to make about how they use their power and privilige that has a bigger impact than on their own dating and personal lives?